Maribor International Review is a multi-disciplinary, electronic academic journal devoted to studies in English literature, linguistics, language teaching, and translation.

The editors of the Maribor International Review hope to work closely with the editors of other scholarly journals in Slovenia , especially the editors of ELOPE, published by our colleagues in Ljubljana . We have chosen to publish the Review on the internet as a fast and affordable way to provide scholars and postgraduate students to disseminate the results of their research. Compared to traditional offset printing methods, digital technology is inexpensive and environmentally friendly.

The benefits of a peer-refereed, full-text, publicly accessible electronic journal are self-evident. It is in the interest of scholarship in the humanities to follow the example of our colleagues in the sciences and to use the modern technology of online publishing. Unlike traditional journals focusing on literary and cultural studies, the Maribor International Review will be able to reach a wide audience around the world, stimulating dialogue among international schools of thought, offering a platform for discussions, coordinating strategic initiatives related to the field of English studies, and serving as a comprehensive bibliographic database.

We eventually hope to publish a limited print version of the Maribor International Review, primarily for library collections, which will include specially commissioned articles and a selection of materials that have previously appeared in the electronic journal or were presented at conferences.